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Comments from Viewers

“Elizabeth Hepburn put me to sleep! In her modest, unassuming presentation of her Better & Better Series, I succumbed to her soft, encouraging poetic message. Truly transcendental and spiritual, it was an almost hypnogogic reverie - hearing, feeling and seeing the joy and gratitude within my very being. This is not just for pre and post surgical patients and their caregivers.  I came away only wishing that all my psychoanalytic therapy patients take this truly spirited, healing medicine to accompany their journey in treatment with me!

– Irwin Rosenfeld, Ph.D., NY Association of Clinical Psychologists

“I fell into a deep place of peace and beauty - using the preparing for surgery - thanks for the wonderful experience! I loved it! Wonderful work!” 

– Raven Keyes; Master Reiki Teacher and Hypnotherapist, New York City

Elizabeth Hepburn has taken the journey from performer to healer -- with a unique stopover in between.  From the perspective of “been there, survived that,” Elizabeth is well qualified to guide patients and caregivers into the “Lap of Luxury” because she was a cancer survivor herself. Moreover, she has a gift that sets her apart from any other healer: a magnificent singing talent that she combines with her precious supportive words. I have watched her devote her life's work to lead people to feel Better and Better, the perfect title for this new series.  I have personally learned much from Elizabeth-and I'm certain that now that these guided meditations are available, so will everyone who sees and hears them.”

– Gilda Carle Ph.D., Psychotherapist, Author, Professor, Motivational Speaker

“The message of trusting your own powers of recuperation is very nurturing and Elizabeth presents this message wonderfully. There is an aura of ancient wisdom emanating from her. That combined with a mixture of strength and serenity give her an almost mythic priestess quality.”

– Jeff Siggins, Writer/Professor of English, Zhejiang University of Science & Technology

Eleven days after hospital release – My recovery is ahead of schedule, and I think that Better and Better is part of the reason. I am convinced that this work needs a wide audience. Though I have always been upbeat about my recovery, I never failed to get a boost from watching it. I have no doubt of its effectiveness!

– Shlomo Bachrach/Open Heart Surgery Patient (Age 67)

"I think what Elizabeth is doing with the Better & Better Series is marvelous and really a great benefit for patients."
Dana Flavin-Koenig M.D., Foundation for Collaborative Medicine and Research

“These extraordinary healing DVDs and CDs. the Better & Better Series, come from a remarkable woman, Elizabeth Hepburn, whose illustrious career includes stints with the NYC and SF Opera Companies, On and Off Broadway musicals, and unique healing concerts throughout the country. Her work is sincere, deeply heart-felt and really powerful. If you want to dramatically change your life, find true health and healing, this is the Series to do it. These are the programs that can get the job done! ”  

Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT
Director, North Jersey Massage Training Center
State Approved School of Massage Therapy

"The Better and Better Series provides a unique healing experience. Elizabeth Hepburn -- lovely, soothing and wise -- creates a gentle journey into transformation and peace. Optimal results for surgery begin with each person, and Elizabeth sets the stage, reminding us of our own innate healing ability, and to trust that your body-mind system knows how to take care of you (and so does the surgical team). Whether you're a patient or caregiver, or just a person wanting to feel better, this is an amazing gift. It should be in every living room, medicine cabinet, hospital gift shop and complementary medicine center in the world. It's a work of pure mastery and divinely creative healing!”

Lese Dunton, Journalist/Editor 

“I've just previewed the last DVD of "Better & Better" and ... as a caregiver ... it was so confirming, calm, full of peace, serenity, well-being and on and on.
My thought is to share this when needed by all I know around me and to bequeath this series to a church library or cancer center library ...
Thank you (for) your meaningful work.”

Mary Kay N. Harrington - Minneapolis, MN

“... the Better & Better Series in my view is very valuable... anyone who is scheduled for surgery would benefit from Elizabeth’s work. This is so logical, this is so reasonable. This stands the test of common sense. As a surgeon and pathologist who has spent a lifetime in hospitals, I intuitively know the intrinsic value of this idea. ....Elizabeth makes surgery safer.”

Dr. Majid Ali – WBAI (New York City)

“I listened to a CD first and I thought this lady really knows how to do guided meditations, I was so relaxed and enjoying it so much, and then I thought I’d watch a DVD -- I didn’t see how it could be any better -- I’m a radio guy so I like to listen rather than watch television -- but when I watched your DVD it just enhanced it so much more ... The series is beautifully put together, your talents are put to good use...”

Jim Stowell, WBEV – AM “Idea Exchange”

“I have first hand experience that’s telling me that what you’re doing is absolutely on target, absolutely works... It’s all about empowerment. ... less medication to control pain, shorter hospital stays; all of that is healthier for us; that’s what all of this is really about. Go into your favorite bookstore and ask them to order four or five copies of the Better & Better Series... you’re gonna love ‘em.”

David McMillan, Family Therapist – KRMB Radio/Super talk 1340

“Elizabeth Hepburn is a jewel! The Better and Better Series is an essential tool for anyone who is going through surgery. She has created a healing program that is accessible to everyone. This program is important and much needed.”

Barbara Biziou, Author & Teacher of Practical Spirituality

“Awesome series... Incredibly powerful visual. ... very impressive.”

Kinshasha Kambui – KFAI Radio “Health Notes” 

"Yesterday, I tried ... the "Pre-Op" DVD. I was so into it after a few seconds that I closed my eyes and ... the sounds and smells came rolling in. The pictures in my head followed every suggestion and I marveled at the stunning choice of words. 

... the perfection surfaced for me. Elizabeth's words, and Ben's pacing made it a forceful healing tool and I want to tell you both that I think that you did a 'gifted' job. I felt power in my breath and the smiling bosom image was overwhelming...."

Robert Ewing/Surgery Patient (Age 71)

“I had some health issues for a few weeks, so I listioned to Elizabeth’s Better and Better Series twice a day. I know in my heart it helped me to speed up the healing process and it filled me with a sense of peace. Thank you for this gift, Elizabeth.”

Joan Zenock

Web reviews: Pre-Surgery (Volume 1)

"Facing surgery can be very stressful... The preparation, surgery and post op process is hard on everyone. This program is a wonderful asset to the process, beautifully done, and should be in every surgeon's office and hospital waiting room across the country. Elizabeth's voice, the thoughts and scenes invoked, along with the superb music is comforting, relaxing and such a gift for those involved. Just what the doctor ordered to help the preparation process as well as to advance and strengthen the healing process."
Elizabeth Joyce; Teacher (Chalfont, PA USA)

The full series

"... I am extremely pleased that this extraordinary series by Elizabeth Hepburn is in the market. It is nothing short of magnificent. Elizabeth Hepburn shares with us the most beautiful, inspiring and at the same time effective way to heal ourselves through her own personal experience. This is fresh and it really has no precedence in the way it is presented. I highly recommend it and recommend that you share it with others, you could very well be helping them to save their lives."

Lionel Fernandez, Mexico. Social worker, Founder and Director of the Miguel Sanchez del Rio Foundation

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