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Mind/Body Wonder

 Listen to the Free Meditation

Begin by saying "hello" to your body.
Now tell it: "I love you." - That’s right "I love you".

Think about it - you wouldn’t have a life here without it!
And now say " thank you".

Those 3 little phrases have just sent healing messages all through your body. And if you smile also, endorphines (calming hormones secreted by the brain) will bring even more healing energy into your system.

Your body is a river of energy - ever flowing, oscillating energy. Take a moment to feel that - notice your miraculous beating heart - feel the pulsations throughout your body. Feel the inside of yourself - Imagine that every cell in your body is smiling - dancing to your own unique rhythm. The thoughts you feed your body are impacting it constantly. Decide on a healthy mental diet, regardless of your current life situation.


Emile Coué,
a pharmacist in Nancy, France
facilitated the healing of thousands of people worldwide
by encouraging them to say: "Day by day in every way I am getting better & better".
Very simple positive message, covers all the bases -
extremely powerful - try it - anytime, anywhere.

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