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Honoring Life Celebrations



Elizabeth Hepburn - Interfaith Minister

Honoring Life Celebrations


What is more beautiful than two people joining their bodies/minds/hearts and spirits in the anticipation of life shared with a loving partner? There's so much love in the air. Join with Elizabeth to create a unique and inspired event that will gloriously launch your new life together. With music, exquisite readings, and all the loving energy present, your ceremony will be a blessing to everyone in attendance.

Memorial Service:
We gather to celebrate and to honor the life of a beloved, gratefully acknowledging the contribution this person has made to our lives. With Elizabeth's guidance we're able to open to the profound peace that accompanies 'letting go', and respectfully embrace this sacred, mysterious life adventure we all share.

Lovefull Journey:
A circle of family and friends unite to celebrate a loved one in crisis. Beautiful memories, abounding with love, gratitude and laughter are shared with the guest of honor. Love is the healer (laughter too) and Love can make this process totally transformative. It's is a win-win experience for everyone in the room.

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