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 Listen to the Free Meditation
Come Home To Your Heart Moment
Give yourself a moment to "take in" this gorgeous place.

Breathe in the beauty here

- right into the center of your chest cavity, your heart center.

- Let a smile come to your lips as you breathe very deeply, as if you were smelling something delicious (a lovely rose, bread baking)

- and then sigh out the breath, relaxing more deeply with each exhalation.

Slowly breathe in the beauty - Relax
Breathe in the fresh, clear air - Relax
Breathe in the peace - Relax - Smiling all the while.  Do this a few times.

Feel that this beauty, freshness and peace you’ve been inhaling is flowing throughout your entire body
- saturating every cell of you with a blessing from your own heart.

Read that last sentence once more, very consciously.

Really allow yourself to feel the energy. Say thank you.

And Now - Be Here 100% (wherever you are - fully in your body).
Take a few deep energetic breaths feeling totally alive, renewed, rejuvenated.

Have a wonder-ful rest of the day.

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