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Elizabeth Hepburn began singing before she had verbal skills, sang her way through school and then moved to New York City to fulfill her theatrical dreams. Her professional credits include performing on and off Broadway, and with the New York City and San Francisco Opera Companies. In the midst of a many-faceted career, she had a bout with cancer, which drew her into years of spiritual and healing training. She emerged triumphant, determined to share this transformational adventure through her music.

She presents inspiring programs in which she sings, shares life-enhancing insights, recites poetry, and tells jokes all aimed at invigorating body, mind and spirit. Long acclaimed for the healing quality of her singing and speaking voice, as an “edutainer", her presentations are both informative and entertaining

Being a Wellness Facilitator, whether before a large audience or in a one-on-one session,  Elizabeth is dedicated to restoring the balance native to our body/mind/spirit systems. She embraces the veracity of Hippocrates' statement: Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease, and guides us to experience that powerful Life Force energy within from which healing ensues. Whether we are sick or well, Elizabeth facilitates our life journey becoming "Better & Better" in every way.

Elizabeth has 3 CDs on the market featuring songs and guided meditations. 
Her Better & Better Series, consists of three Healing Programs on DVDs and CDs.

Elizabeth is an Interfaith Minister and officiates at weddings, memorial services and her unique Lovefull Journey gatherings.

She writes inspirational articles ( and her blog and leads meditation and healing groups.


"The best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart."

These words of Helen Keller eloquently describe the essence of Elizabeth's work.

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